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Celebrities' Choice

They are always getting ready for some important events: premieres, presentations, conferences, red carpet ceremonies at festivals. This remains true even now, when much of our life occurs online. Public figures are required to look flawless in any situation because they are constantly in the spotlight. BoscoVesna is the place that famous actors, sportspeople, and musicians visit for a wide selection of items from the latest collections. What brands are the top choices for stars? What trends do they follow? We’ve collected the answers to these questions in our special feature: STAR’S CHOICE.

Fall / Winter 2022-23
Polina Maximova
Spring / Summer 2022
Julia PeresildAndrey Burkovsky
Fall / Winter 2021-22
Alexander TsypkinSvetlana UstinovaKseniya Shipilova
Spring / Summer 2021
Svetlana KhodchenkovaTina KandelakiYulia Peresild