NEW COLLECTION Fall/Winter 2023-2024 in BoscoVesna!


february 2024

Hans Arp - His Way to the Stars

30 november

On November 28, a lecture by Victoria Anisimova "Hans Arp - his way to the stars" and acquaintance with a special ZOT?ME product inspired and dedicated to this path took place in BoscoVesna in the Masters living room.

HAPPY WEEKEND in BoscoVesna!

23 november

We are glad to invite you on the 25th and 26th November to BoscoVesna for a HAPPY WEEKEND! This weekend there are double bonuses for you to your Bosco loyalty card when buying Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 collections, as well as cosmetics and perfumes in the Articoli by Bosco boutique!

Longines - an accessory out of time

22 november

"Innovative spirit, striving for precision and timeless elegant style" is the philosophy of the Longines House. The oldest trademark of the watch industry is now in Bosco Vesna!

"Pearls in the history of fashion" with Ekaterina Svirina

20 november

On November 17, a lecture "Pearls in the history of fashion" with Ekaterina Svirina took place in BoscoVesna in the Masters saloon.

Ideas for you - what is worth buying with cashback from Alfa-Bank in BoscoVesna?

17 november

We are glad to remind you that only until November 30, when shopping at BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat, when paying with an Alfa Bank card, you get cashback up to 20% of the cost!*

Winter collection BOSCOBOSCO in BoscoVesna

14 november

BOSCOBOSCO presents the winter collection 2023/2024


12 november

The first capsule collection by BoscoVesna and artist Andrey Lublinsky

Victoria Anisimova "How to watch and understand art"

31 october

On October 29, a lecture "How to watch and understand art" was held in BoscoVesna in the Masters living room.

BoscoVesna Land: fashion show, attractions and presentation of the BoscoVesna x Lublinsky capsule collection

20 october

On October 20, the BoscoVesna Land Amusement Park opened for one day in the shopping center on Novy Arbat. How was the BoscoVesna event? We tell and show!

Double bonuses in BoscoVesna!

20 october

The fall of leaves leads to rain, and the change of season leads to an update of the wardrobe! October 20 and 21 is the most suitable time for autumn shopping in BoscoVesna

Presentation of the magazine "PRABABUSHKA"

13 october

On October 12, the presentation of the new issue of the magazine "PRABABUSHKA" with Maria Sevostyanova took place in BoscoVesna in the Masters saloon.

We are warming up together in the "Coffeemania"!

13 october

Cold weather is not a reason to hide at home! The recipe for the perfect weekend is a walk along the New Arbat, shopping in BoscoVesna and a break for tea in the “Coffeemania”!

Alfa Bank cashback up to 20%!

05 october

We are glad to inform you that from October 6, when shopping at Bosco Vesna on Novy Arbat, when paying with an Alfa Bank card, you receive cashback up to 20% of the cost.

Master class with Andrey Lublinsky

01 october

On October 1, Bosco Vesna hosted a master class with artist Andrey Lyublinsky for the youngest and most creative (as well as their parents)!

Client Day Only for men

01 october

On September 28, the presentation of new men's collections Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 took place at Bosco Vesna on Novy Arbat.

Luisa Spagnoli fall trends

30 september

On September 28, the presentation of the new Luisa Spagnoli collection took place at Bosco Vesna on New Arbat.

Articoli client days

29 september

On September 29 and 30 we invite you to BoscoVesna for the Client Days of Articoli by Bosco!

Shall we play fashion?

28 september

In the new season, the youngest and most stylish BoscoVesna's customers tried on the new Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collections of such brands as MM6, N21, Ermanno Scervino Junior, MSGM, Stella McCartney Kids, Pinko Up, Il Gufo, Diesel.

Presentation of the book “To be with Art” with Marina Gysich

27 september

On September 27, the presentation of the book "To Be With Art" with Marina Gisich took place in BoscoVesna in the Masters saloon.

Articoli client days

27 september

On September 21 and 22, we invite you to BoscoVesna for the Client Days of Articoli by Bosco! These days for you - an additional 15% bonus for products of brands such as ellcosmet, Mila Moursi, Dr. Levi, Delilah.

Ekaterina Kartseva "The logic and intuition of investing in contemporary art: the phenomenon of "stars" and the path to success."

18 september

On September 17, BoscoVesna hosted the first lecture of the new season in the Masters saloon! This Sunday we listened to Ekaterina Kartseva's lecture "The logic and intuition of investing in contemporary art: the phenomenon of "stars" and the path to success."

Master-class with Andrew Lublinsky Drink & Draw

15 september

On September 14, as part of the BoscoVesna x Lublinsky collaboration, we invited you at the master class Drink&Draw with Andrew Lublinsky.

September Wishlist

13 september

The new brand Semicouture is now in BoscoVesna! Top models of the Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection are jackets with an asymmetrical cut, cozy sweaters with an unusual pattern and warm bombers.

Articoli Beauty booths

11 september

On September 13 and 14, we are glad to invite you to BoscoVesna for the Articoli by Bosco Beauty Days! These days there are discounts up to -15% and bonuses of 15% for you. And also - Beauty booths from brands! Try premium care from the experts of ReVive, Evidence de Beaute and Bellefontaine make up with ByTerry makeup artists!

Style is coming!

06 september

BoscoVesna customers were able to try themselves as models and try on new Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 collections of brands such as Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Dorothee Schumacher, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Max Mara, Lardini, MM6. BoscoVesna new campaign is already on the screens of the shopping center on New Arbat! And also – on the website and on the YouTube channel.

Fall in “Italian” style by Luisa Spagnoli

06 september

We invite you to BoscoVesna to try on the Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 collections of Luisa Spagnoli!

Bosco Donna: new Fall/Winter 2023-2024

24 august

New women collections Fall/Winter 2023-2024 are already waiting for you in BoscoVesna!

Fall color pallete by Etro

22 august

Feel free to jump into the new fashion season with BoscoVesna!

Articoli by Bosco’ Client Days

22 august

From August 23 to 25, we are pleased to invite you to BoscoVesna, where you will get discounts of up to -15% and double bonuses by the Bosco privileges system at Articoli by Bosco for your favorite cosmetics and perfumery brands, including La Prarie, Clarins, Sisley, MBR, ReVive, Killian, La Mer, Guerlain and many others!

Bosco Uomo: new Fall/Winter 2023-2024

14 august

New men's collections Fall/Winter 2023-2024 are already waiting for you in BoscoVesna! For those who appreciate elegance - new fashion items from Lardini. And if you prefer a casual casual style - try on collections from Diesel and Iceberg.

The top Bag!

04 august

New arrival of accessories in BoscoVesna! Here you will find bags by any kind, color, size and budget!

New collections Fall/Winter 2023-2024 in BoscoVesna!

01 august

We are ready for the new fashion season - the Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 collections are already in BoscoVesna!

Client Days Articoli by Bosco

25 july

Summer is time for vacations by the seaside o the countryside, but it is definitely not the reason to forget about self-care!

New brand Liviana Conti

20 july

Premium Italian women's clothing brand Liviana Conti is now in BoscoVesna!

Love Is Love Philosophy - new capsule in BoscoVesna

12 july

The new Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini collection is already in BoscoVesna! In the Love is Love Philosophy capsule, designers continue the theme of logomania. Shirts, turtlenecks and tops with bright prints will become original models in your collection, some kind of "puzzles" with which it is so easy to create a stylish and unusual image!

The new Bosco Vesna dessert in Coffee Mania!

04 july

We invite you to the "Coffee mania" in BoscoVesna, to try the sweet novelty of this summer!

Evgenia Popova's lecture "Collaborations of art and brands"

25 june

Today we invited you at Evgenia Popova's lecture "Collaborations of art and brands" in BoscoVesna in the Masters saloon.

Articoli by Bosco’ Client Days

20 june

From June 20 to 22, we are pleased to invite you to BoscoVesna, where you will get discounts of up to -15% and double bonuses by the Bosco privileges system at Articoli by Bosco for your favorite cosmetics and perfumery brands, including La Prarie, Clarins, Sisley, MBR, ReVive, Killian, La Mer, Guerlain and many others!

Nikita Slinkin's lecture “Fashion Photography - from advertising to a work of art”

20 june

Today we invited you at Nikita Slinkin's lecture “Fashion Photography - from advertising to a work of art” in BoscoVesna.

Summer SALE in BoscoVesna!

15 june

Since June 16, we are glad to invite you to the summer SALE in BoscoVesna! Discounts up to -30% on Spring/Summer 2023 collections of your favorite brands, including Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Max Mara, Dorothee Schumacher and many others, are waiting for you!

Public-talk with Ksenia Chilingarova

12 june

Today public-talk with Ksenia Chilingarova took place in BoscoVesna in the Masters salon.

Happy birthday to Art Flash and Art Vesna

11 june

The Art Vesna Gallery of Modern Art and art store specializes in works by contemporary artists, silk and leather accessories, costume jewelry and art objects from Russian designers, modern ceramics, tableware and home decorations.

Estelle Haute Creation boutique opening in BoscoVesna

08 june

Now the Estelle Haute Creation boutique is presented in Bosco Vesna on the 2nd floor!

Presentation of Art guides by Maria Dobrovinskaya

08 june

On June 6, in BoscoVesna was the first discussion - presentation of Maria Dobrovinskaya's Art guides in the Masters salon!

Masters Salon opening in BoscoVesna

03 june

On June 1, Masters salon opened in BoscoVesna. The new space was created as part of the BoscoVesna ? Lublinsky collaboration, the first stage of a long-term initiative and a series of projects with contemporary artists.

From June 1 SALE in BoscoVesna!

01 june

SALE up to 20% and bonuses by Bosco privilege system for spring-summer 2023 collections of your favorite brands, including Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Max Mara, Dorothee Schumacher and many others are waiting for you!

Happy days at BoscoVesna!

26 may

С 26 по 31 мая Счастливые денёчки в BoscoVesna! Вас ждут дополнительные 20% бонусов по системе привилегий Bosco при покупке коллекций весна-лето 2023 Ваших любимых брендов

Master-class for children with Andrey Lublinsky

20 may

It's never too early to explore the world of art! This Saturday, May 20, we invited you in BoscoVesna at the master class for our youngest clients with artist Andrei Lublinsky!

Drink&Draw! Master class with Andrey Lublinsky

18 may

On May 18, as part of the BoscoVesna x Lublinsky collaboration, we invited you at the master-class with artist Andrey Lublinsky in the Drink&Draw format.

Lardini women's line in BoscoVesna!

15 may

Costume pairs, jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses - that’s all about it. If you prefer an elegant and basic style, do not pass by.

Geometry Lessons

10 may

Smart wardrobe by BoscoVesna! A brief educational program on the trending forms of accessories - let’s study new material about the current models of the spring-summer 2023 season together!

Persona by Marina Rinaldi is now in BoscoVesna!

25 april

The Italian brand of elegant women's clothing is a favorite one of many BoscoVesna customers. It’s time to try on a new collection!

Bosco Fashion Week Client Days

14 april

On April 14 and 15, we are glad to invite you to BoscoVesna for Bosco Fashion Week client days!

Extraterrestrial look

10 april

Actress Julia Peresild tried on some stylish looks from the new BoscoVesna collections for the spring issue of U Magazine!

The perfect bag

05 april

A perfect bag for everyday – what it shall be like? Baggy to fit in all your life and even more? Or a small one, just for the essentials? Classic style or unusual design? Neutral colours to fit in classy look? Or bold one, to become accent detail?

Aesop brand in Bosco Vesna!

04 april

The iconic Aesop brand is now represented in the Articoli boutique in BoscoVesna! For its products Aesop uses only organic ingredients. It’s all about aesthetically attractive product presentation and sensual pleasure during by using.

New men's collections in Bosco Vesna!

02 april

New arrivals of men's collections spring-summer 2023 are already in Bosco Vesna! This season, choose khaki, beige, terracotta clothes.

Hawaiian style

31 march

Neon flowers and palm trees, "pajamas" costume pairs, knitted tops, embroidery with a logo - the details of the new spring-summer 2023 collection of the Ermanno Firenze brand.

NEW S/S 2023 collections at BoscoVesna!

29 march

Spring is the time for renewal! And the huge arrival of new collections at BoscoVesna is a great opportunity to update your wardrobe!

Dreamy Look

21 march

Stars, crescents, doves and delicate twigs of unknown plants on blouses and dresses of the Alysi brand remind of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's illustrations for the fairy tale "The Little Prince". For dreamers!

New cocktail BoscoVesna x Coffeemania

20 march

To wake up spring outside the window, sometimes, not an easy task - capricious nature resists. But to wake up spring in the heart, fortunately, is much easier!

A simple solution

10 march

A viscose dress from the new collection of the brand R?he can only seem simple at first glance. Details are the key.

The one and only jersey

06 march

The trend for knitted suits is on top for several seasons in a row! Knitwear combo is the key when you are out of ideas of outfits.

New brand – Saloni!

02 march

We are glad to present you the new brand BoscoVesna brand - Saloni!

What a bag!

16 february

Replenishment in the ranks of BoscoVesna accessories! Privates are trendy shoppers from the new collection of the conceptual brand MM6 Maison Margiela!

Presents for all the lovers!

02 february

Treating your loved ones with pleasant gifts is sometimes the easiest way to express your feelings. On the eve of the most romantic holiday of the year come to BoscoVesna for help - we will tell you what your soulmate desires!

Luisa Spagnoli – new brand at BoscoVesna!

26 january

The famous Italian fashion brand was founded in 1928. The almost century-old history of Luisa Spagnoli began with the production of clothing and accessories from angora. In the 60s, among the celebrity-fans of the brand were the stars of Italian cinema - Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida.

PINKO – now at BoscoVesna!

16 january

We are happy to tell you about the replenishment in BoscoVesna! New spring-summer 2023 collections and a new resident of the shopping centre - the Pinko brand - are waiting for you!

Winter Fairy Tale at BoscoVesna

05 december

Each December we are reminded of our childhood days when we all were eagerly waiting for winter fairy tales to become real. 

BoscoVesna Fashion House

27 october

BoscoVesna invites everyone to take part in Bosco Fashion Week! On October 28-29, your shopping experience will be even more fruitful than usual!

Elizaveta Ishchenko Photoshoot for Grazia!

19 october

The new issue of “Grazia” features an interview with the young and talented Elizaveta Ishchenko. 

Client’s Day at Max Mara at BoscoVesna!

26 september

This Saturday, September 24, the Max Mara flagship boutique at BoscoVesna hosted a fabulous client’s day!

Backstage at the Vesna Fashion Show

16 september

BoscoVesna officially launched the F/W 2022-23 season with the triumphant Vesna Fashion Show. 

New Collection Showcase at BoscoVesna!

13 september

On September 15, BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat is hosting the Vesna Fashion Show. The event will focus on the principal trends of autumn and will help fashionistas get ready to embrace the new season.

New Season at BoscoVesna!

02 august

BoscoVesna embraces the coming season. The time to get ready for autumn is upon us!

Flowers Bloom at BoscoVesna!

25 july

On July 21, BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat hosted the colorful “Flowers Bloom” event. The traditional flower planting ceremony is part of the “Fresh Flower Festival.”

Archive Collection Exhibition at BoscoVesna

05 july

BoscoVesna has long ceased being just a shopping center. Nowadays it also preserves iconic archive collections by world-famous designers.

“Quiet Interference” by Andrey Lublinsky at BoscoVesna

29 june

BoscoVesna is always among the first to embrace everything new and novel. In the present case, the spotlight is on contemporary art. 

Dmitry Iskhakov Lecture at BoscoVesna

22 june

Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov will present a lecture on June 22, 19:00 at BoscoVesna: “Fashion Photography. 160 years of beauty, madness, art, emancipation, and freedom.”

Art Vesna Opens at BoscoVesna!

02 june

On June 2, a branch of the Moscow-based Cubed opened at BoscoVesna, 19 Novy Arbat. The location was appropriately given a stylish name: Art Vesna.

BoscoVesna Opens Art Vesna with Elena Krylova as Curator

27 may

The new gallery and store are styled after a luxurious yet playful art boudoir.

Triple Bonuses with Bosco Silver Cards!

16 may

Bosco di Ciliegi silver loyalty card holders will be receiving triple shopping bonuses starting from May 16!

Stylish Shopping at BoscoVesna!

27 april

Double bonuses for loyalty card holders from April 28 till May 6!

Spring Collections at BoscoVesna!

24 march

The weekend is upon us. Time to get ready for a bit of R&R!

BoscoVesna’s in Kontakt!

17 march

Friends, we’ve created our very own VK community to stay in touch.

Spring Together with Max Mara

11 march

Come to BoscoVesna this Saturday, March 12, at 11:00 AM to get a splash of spring mood! Latest items from seasonal collections, brand gifts, and sparkling wine are guaranteed!

BoscoVesna on the ‘Gram!

05 march

Friends, we’ve created our curated Telegram channel to stay in touch! 

Spring for All Lovers! Gifts from Articoli!

09 february

Visit us on February 11, 12 and 13 to get consultations from beauty experts at special booths: socionics sessions, Giorgio Armani makeup lessons, hand massages courtesy of Dior, Valmont, and Molton Brown, hair strengthening sessions by Philip Kingsley, and so much more!

Bosco Privileges Update!

01 february

The BOSCO PRIVILEGE SYSTEM is due for an update. Starting from February 1, 2022, new rules are in place.

Beauty Days at BoscoVesna!

27 january

Visit us at BoscoVesna, 19 Novy Arbat, and take part in Articoli Client’s Days!

Tina Kandelaki. Choosing Gifts

29 december

BoscoVesna ends its holiday series with the remarkable and effortlessly charismatic Tina Kandelaki! Tina always carefully considers every task, especially if we’re talking about New Year gift selection – a truly strategic endeavor! We’re certain that Tina will inspire you to take up your unique shopping adventure!

Yasmina Muratovich. Choosing Gifts

29 december

BoscoVesna continues to collaborate with our closest friends on advice for exquisite gifts. Today the charming Yasmina will help you get ready for the winter holidays!

Kseniya Shipilova. Choosing Gifts

29 december

BoscoVesna is launching the next installment in our popular series of gift selection advice videos hosted by our friends who are always ready to share tips on choosing the right gifts for your loved ones and, naturally, yourself! Kseniya Shipilova is here to inspire you!

Bosco Happy Store!

27 december

The winter holidays are coming very soon! It’s time to wrap your presents!

Yulia Snigir's unforgettable photoshoot for Grazia

24 december

The beloved Russian film star Yulia Snigir tried on a few 70s looks for the enchanting project by Grazia magazine. Naturally, all the stylish items on display were from BoscoVesna!


Shopping and Gancia sparkling wine at BoscoVesna!

23 december

New Year is all about meeting up and exchanging gifts with family and friends! No festivity is complete without sparkling wine!


New Year prices at BoscoVesna!

20 december

New Year prices at BoscoVesna! Great offers for everyone! Additional discounts of up to 30% for F/W 21/22 collections by your favorite brands! Let’s get ready for New Year together!

Happy Days at BoscoVesna!

17 december

December 17, 18, and 19 are Happy Days at BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat!


Pre-New Year prices in BoscoVesna!

15 december

The most festive special New Year offers are at BoscoVesna!


Glamour & brilliance with smart shopping!

13 december

Despite the frost and snow, BoscoVesna was positively overflowing with good vibes this past Saturday! One of this year’s popular events dominated the entire Novy Arbat!

The awaited shopping fest at BoscoVesna is almost upon us!

08 december

This is the time of year when all of us, for the briefest moment, become kids once more. We’re eagerly awaiting the holidays, gifts, and a bit of magic to come our way. Enjoy the pre-holiday atmosphere together with BoscoVesna!

Evening looks by BoscoVesna

06 december

They say that you’ll spend the new year the same way you celebrate New Year’s Eve. If that’s the case, then dress up together with BoscoVesna for a thoroughly chic celebration!

Select the perfect puffer coat with BoscoVesna!

02 december

A winter puffer coat is not just a beautiful piece of clothing! A puffer coat is indispensable as the weather is slowly but surely getting colder, with temperatures dipping below zero. If winter caught you unaware and you’re not completely ready to braze the subzero temperatures and snow, don’t panic! BoscoVesna has you covered! 

Smart shopping at BoscoVesna

30 november

New Year is approaching fast. The time to buy gifts has come! But how can one prepare for the holidays when there’s still so much to do at work, school, and home? A tough question!

Svetlana Ustinova. style, trends, and ambitious plans. All this and more in the special project by BoscoVesna and Buro 24/7

26 november

We’re approaching the highpoint of the autumn/winter season. Don’t delay your fashion experiments till spring. We hope that our new project with Buro 24/7 will inspire you to create your own wish lists of ideal winter looks.

Barbara Bui

26 november

Here are a few of our favorites from the Barbara Bui F/W 21/22 collection — must-have items for this season!

Happy days at BoscoVesna!

25 november

The fast-approaching winter frost does not mean that shopping for the latest fashions is completely out of the question! BoscoVesna is overjoyed to announce Happy Days — a celebration of style and beauty taking place on November 26-28!

Winter shoe shopping at BoscoVesna!

22 november

Discover the most stylish winter shoes at BoscoVesna! Our team has selected several trendy seasonal models from the F/W collection by your favorite brands.

Get ready for winter!

19 november

Balaclavas are, without a doubt, the absolute hit of this season! Designers are constantly offering new variations on this comfortable and warm headgear!

Stay Warm Together with BoscoVesna!

16 november

Winter is almost upon us. The temperature outside is quickly dropping below zero, meaning it’s high time to consider new stylish looks by BoscoVesna for the coming winter months.


Live broadcast with Ester Shenkman

10 november

The BoscoVesna beauty and fashion expert broadcast series continues. This time we’re talking with stylist Ester Shenkman. The expert showcased several original fashionable looks and noted which coats, accessories, and shoes to watch out for this season.

Live broadcast with Anastasia Kirillova

10 november

The BoscoVesna beauty and fashion expert broadcast series continues. This time we’re talking with Armani Beauty National Makeup Artist Anastasia Kirillova.

Live broadcast with Oksana On

08 november

While BoscoVesna remains closed for new guests, we decided to spice up your workdays with a special series of online lectures with fashion and beauty experts. The live broadcast with stylist Oksana On was held on November 1.

Damiani exhibition

26 october

We invite you to visit the exhibition of fine gemstone jewellery by Damiani at the Sublime Boutique, BoscoVesna, Novy Arbat!

BoscoVesna on the pages of Grazia

20 october

White Rabbit Family communications director Irina Zarkova, her mother Olga Solovyeva, and daughter Nina Zarkova were invited to talk about age, beauty secrets, savoir-faire as well as to pose for photos especially for the October edition of Grazia.

Leather trend

19 october

The new season will be marked by the long-expected returned focus on leather, both natural and artificial. Designers experiment with colours and use leather for everything. Leather is no longer a material only for shoes and coats.

School uniforms by BoscoVesna

15 october

A stylish and appealing school uniform is the first opportunity for a child to make a personal fashion statement, offering further motivation for good grades! Studying while wearing BoscoVesna uniforms is pure joy!


Streetstyle by BoscoVesna

15 october

After the spectacular Fashion Week in Milan, fashionistas turn their attention to urban streets once more. We notice the people on the street and evaluate their looks. Would you like to be the focus of everyone’s approving gazes? BoscoVesna is here with several bits of fashion advice!

"Conquerors of the Sun" in Coffeemania

30 september

Coffeemania and GUM-Red-Line Gallery joined forces on a unique project created for those of us who want everything here and now. The Coffeemania cafe at BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat is hosting “Conquerors of the Sun” – the exhibition of famous artist Gosha Ostretsov. The exhibition was previously held at GUM-Red-Line Gallery.

Light and bright event at BoscoVesna!

30 september

Autumn is gradually coming into its own, and BoscoVesna celebrates the fall with a beauty festival with discounts up to 25% for all customers!


Curios Alysi collection

27 september

It is difficult to provide a general overview of the new collection by Alysi. The collection includes feminine and straight silhouettes, bright and muted colours, soft floral prints, and graphic stripes.

Stay Warm This Fall with BoscoVesna

23 september

В холодной погоде тоже есть свои плюсы - например, приобретение нового пальто! Мы подобрали для вас три модных варианта верхней одежды, которые будут актуальны в новом сезоне.

Marina Rinaldi Client’s Day at BoscoVesna!

14 september

Fall is a time for change not only in terms of lifestyle, habits, and day planning but also in our wardrobe. See the new collection by everyone’s favorite brand Marina Rinaldi at a completely different angle!

Max Mara Client’s Day at BoscoVesna!

14 september

In the age of sustainable consumption, we wish to remain at the forefront of all activity. We offer you an opportunity to select clothes according to your personality type. What’s your personality like? How can you uncover your potential? The answers will be revealed during Max Mara Client’s Day on September 16 at BoscoVesna!

Event Retrospective

10 september

We decided to share with you a look behind the scenes of Vesna Fashion Show that was hosted on September 8 at BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat together with Vogue Russia.

Presentation of Fall/Winter 2021/22 collections

08 september

From violet to sandal

07 september

В создании вашего неповторимого образа финальным аккордом станет уникальный, редкий аромат, который будет ассоциироваться у окружающих именно с вами и ни с кем больше.

Choosing the perfect bag for this fall

03 september

There are never too many bags! We've picked four bags from the new collections of your favorite brands that are hot this season.


05 june

Discounts up to 30% for S/S 2021 collections in addition to Bosco cards

Travel with BoscoBambino

04 june

Il Gufo Spring Summer Collection

BOSS x Russell Athletic Collaboration

03 june

The collection is available at the Boss corner

Opening of the Cellcosmet & Cellmen Corner

15 april

The legendary brand of Swiss cell cosmeceuticals

Flawless Spring Corsets

15 april

Discover the new collection by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Denim Culture

14 april

Sportmax Capsule Collection Featuring Franco Fontana

Homage to Italy

12 april

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2021

New ADV campaign Ermanno Scervino

18 march

New spring summer 2021 shot in Tuscany

Vacation Time!

09 march

Raffia accessories – the hottest trend of the S/S 2021 season

MM6 Resort 2021

22 february

Designed by the MM6 team from home

Sportmax Cruise Collection

17 february

Inspired by the look of Romy Schneider in the 1969 film La Piscine

Spring of All Lovers at Vesna. Gifts from Articoli!

09 february

February 12-13

Item of the Day: Velvet Pyjama-Style Set

29 january

Wear pajamas all day every day with Dorothee Schumacher

Good Vibes Only

22 january

Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Best of Sale

18 january

Designer Clothing on Sale - Up to 50% off at BoscoVesna 

January 14 – Dior Client’s Day at Articoli by Bosco

15 january

Additional 10% discount with Articoli and Bosco loyalty cards


The Best Time of Year to Go Shopping for New Clothes

12 january

Discounts of 50%, 40%, and 30% are available for A/W 20/21 collections at BoscoVesna.

Max Mara Cruise 2021 Collection

11 january

Inspired by Saint Petersburg: the new collection is already available at the Max Mara flagship boutique, BoscoVesna. 

New Year Wish List with Renata Litvinova

29 december

Visit the YouTube channel of BoscoVesna to view the video!

The Most Important Night of the Year Should Be Stylish

28 december

Catch the holiday mood with looks by Tina and BoscoVesna.

BoscoVesna Holiday Opening Hours

28 december

Happy shopping!

New mood. New experience.

25 december

New digital pine tree, new packaging design, new gift catalogue. See you at BoscoVesna!

Limited Collection by Nars Available at Articoli by Bosco

24 december

Create a flawless festive look with Nars makeup products

New Year Refreshments by Coffeemania at BoscoVesna

22 december

Special December offer for all BoscoVesna clients

New Year’s sale at BoscoVesna

22 december

Purchase the most sought items from A/W 2020/21 collection while enjoying a discount of -30%

New Grazia Magazine Issue with Svetlana Khodchenkova Cover Story

21 december

Read the interview and be inspired by the New Year looks from BoscoVesna.

Time to Shine! Shoes for New Year’s Eve by Jimmy Choo

18 december

New editions of the legendary Romy and Love pumps

December 18, 19 & 20 – Happy Days at ARTICOLI by Bosco!

17 december

Get in the festive spirit of the coming holidays and buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones at BoscoVesna.

Winter Wish-List: Down-Padded Coats

17 december

The most fashionable outerwear is at BoscoVesna!

Exclusive Gifts by Bobbi Brown

14 december

The special offer at the Bobbi Brown corner in BoscoVesna is valid starting from December 15

Exclusive Gift from La Mer!

14 december

The special offer at the La Mer corner in BoscoVesna is valid starting from December 15

Winter Prices at BoscoVesna Starting from December 12

11 december

Purchase the most sought items from A/W 2020/21 collection while enjoying a discount of -20%

December 12 – Clarins Client Day at Articoli by Bosco

11 december

An additional 30% discount available for loyalty cardholders.

New Issue of OK! with Tina Kandelaki

10 december

Read the interview and draw inspiration from looks by BoscoVesna.

The High Art of Rejuvenation by La Prairie

09 december

The brand presents the new version of the Platinum Rare collection. Already available at Articoli by Bosco.

New Brand at BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat: Lemaire

09 december

Exquisite classics, time-tested silhouettes, and clean tailoring

Backstage Pass: How the BoscoVesna ad campaign was created

02 december

We welcome you to visit the backstage of the BoscoVesna advertisement campaign shoot. The campaign was inspired by the new logo of the shopping center. The backstage video is available on the BoscoVesna YouTube channel.

New Mood. New Experience

01 december

The new digitalized name BoscoVesna

New Collections by Nicole Benisti

30 november

Nicole Benisti introduces Irina Shayk as the face of her Fall/Winter 2020 campaign.

Classics as best embodied in look by Lardini

24 november

Creating the classic style with Lardini

New Collections by Dorothee Schumacher

21 november

Creating Romantic Looks with Dorothee Schumacher

ELLE Recommends at BoscoVesna on November 21-22!

18 november

“Get this immediately!” – the exclusive selection of items by the ELLE fashion team for BoscoVesna

Discount Whirlwind at BoscoVesna!

13 november

Get the most out of the special shopping offers of the Autumn/Winter season

Beauty look for Polina Askeri by make-up artist to the stars Olga Romanova

29 october

Learn secrets for enjoying perfect make-up every day!

Femininity and elegance in Zimmermann collections

28 october

Creating romantic looks together with Zimmermann

Ethnic motives and boho-chic in Etro collections

25 october

Boho looks inspired by traditions at Etro

Sport chic in the collections by Moncler

23 october

Prepare for a warm and stylish winter together with Moncler

Classic items for every day by Nina Ricci

19 october

Traditional classic style in unmatched looks by Nina Ricci

New items by Stone Island

04 october

Ergonomics and new technologies unite in Stone Island

Revitalize your clothing selections together with Marina Rinaldi

03 october

Confidence and beauty together with Marina Rinaldi

Enjoy the bright Autumn together with Paul Smith

02 october

Modernity and dynamism in looks by Paul Smith

Exclusive corner by Hugo Boss opens

01 october

The German brand Hugo Boss has launched its corner in BoscoVesna on Novy Arbat

Ermanno Scervino presents new items from everybody’s favorite brand

30 september

Elegance and chic in the collection by Ermanno Scervino

Visit Maison Margiela for ultra-fashionable shoes!

29 september

Elegance and neoclassicism by Maison Margiela

Stylish Autumn in classic looks by Barena

28 september

The embodiment of masculine style by Barena

Eternal values in Italian classics by ISAIA September 27

27 september

Elegance and neoclassicism in new collections by ISAIA

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